Jun 25, 2017

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge

We met up with Tawnya and the boys at this wildlife refuge outside of Lacey.  We saw a turtle, lots of frogs, a few birds, and a fawn.  We had a great time.

Jun 12, 2017

The death of a Clover Flower

I was taking pictures of a little clover flower,
 When Bailey cam along and picked it,
Then ate it,
 She realized it was gross,
 So she offered it back to me. 

A nice Sunday afternoon

Jun 7, 2017

Father & Son

The boy's planned a Father/Son backpacking trip.  They hiked in 2.5 miles along the Elwa trail, camped at Hunes Ranch, then hiked out about 3.5 to complete the loop.  Tyler couldn't make it so Steve(Grandpa) hiked in with Garrett and Spencer later that evening to meet up with Daniel, Joe, Ridge, and Anthony.
A funny story they had to share was about a very smart and very pesky Raven.  The bird opened Anthony's backpack and took out his food, it opened up the garbage bag, and it opened up Daniel's pack and took out his key, wallet and the credit cards out of his wallet..  That is one Raven who has learned to not go hungry even if he has to buy his own food.

May 29, 2017


We were given an amazing gift from our neighbors to stay in their timeshare in Yellowstone.   They let us stay one night in Coir d' Alene, then 4 nights in Yellowstone, then one more night in Coir d' Alene on the way home.  Our good friends Dan and Jamie and their little boy Lincoln flew from FL to WA to visit family and friends then caravanned with us to Yellowstone and spent the week with us.  We had such a good time with them and a lot of fun visiting the Park. 

Old Faithful
After Old Faithful went off Ridge said "that's it,"  I think he had higher expectations.

Hike into Loan Star Geyser

Daniel picked Loan star Geyser for our afternoon hike and we all questioned his decision as we hiked almost 3 miles through snow.   When we got to the geyser we heard it had gone off 30minutes prier and wouldn't erupt again for 3 hours.  But luck was on our side, it was just a small eruption and not 5 minutes later the real eruption occurred and it lasted 20-30 minutes!  Everyone thought it was way cooler then Old Faithful and well worth the long snowy hike in.  

The boys BBQing..

 It was so fun to see so many Bison!

 Dan, Jamie and Lincoln are the little people below

 Mammoth Springs

 Is it a Wolf? Nope just a coyote.
We drove out the North East Entrance had dinner in a cool rustic town at the base of the mountains. Then we drove back through Lamar Basin at dusk and stopped anytime we saw people with their spotting scopes to see what critters were found.  

Mama Grizzly with cub

 We had a bit more of an adventure then we planned on at Lower Falls look out..  It was a very windy day and as we walked down the steep trail Ridge kept telling me that he did not want to go down, he asked me to tell Dad to not do this trail, but I made him continue.  The look out was awesome, we looked right over the edge of the falls that was full from the late spring run off.  After a few minutes Daniel sat down on a bench with Lillain, Dan, and Lincoln.  Ridge also sat down which they didn't know and Jamie walked over to join them while I got ready to take a picture of everyone together.  Then we heard a loud crack and a tree fell right over the entire bench!  Daniel scooped up Lillian and wrapped his arm around Jamie and got them out of the way, Dan had his son Lincoln and also ran, Ridge said he first thought the bench was breaking, then thought a rock was falling, then realized it was the tree and started to run as well.  A stranger close by saw what was happening and scooped Ridge up to help him get out of the way faster.  I was a few feet away and wrapped my arms around Bailey who was in the front carrier as we all got hit by flying debris.  It happened so fast and no one got hurt, but we all had a million what if's running through our head.  We didn't want to stick around for another tree so we hustled back to the car out of the wind..  It was a true blessing we were all safe, and we are very grateful.

 The Canyon was amazing and full of color!

 On our way back to the resort we lucked out and saw this mama Grizzly and her two cute cubs.  Sadly all the other pictures I took focused on the trees and not the bears.
One of the baby cubs started walking the other way and in the picture below is when the mama realized it and called him back and he came running.

Daniel couldn't understand why I was still taking pictures of the bison on the last day after seeing and taking so many already.  I said you never know when you'll take your favorite photo, and then I capture this fellow below which is both our favorites.

Thursday we drove to Yellowstone Lake, there was a lot more snow on that side of the park, and it was cold, but it was neat and we saw some Elk. 

Enjoying natures playground.

Lewis and Clark Caverns!

 This was a tiny slide carved in the rock, we wished the whole tour had slides instead of stairs.

Good Bye Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming It was a fun and beautiful Road Trip! :)