Jan 28, 2015

Photo shoot together

After I took the pictures of Lillian I realized I wanted some with her and Ridge to frame.  So I tried to do a photo shoot with both of them, definilty not as easy.. I got a few cute ones, some silly ones, and some only a mother can love. 


I can't get enough of these two..

Jan 22, 2015

6 month photos


Big brother wants in..



6 month apt.

Lillian turned 6 months old! And I actually had her well baby check up on schedule.  She is still in the 90th/ish% for most measurements.  Her head was still off the chart but the Dr said it's following a pattern and not ridiculously large, so no worries.  And she weighed in at 18.15lbs, a cute chunky baby!
She can almost sit up on her own, she gets a little tipsy but if I put a pillow around her she is good to go.
She likes to wake up frequently during the night, no more teeth yet, just likes to eat and snuggle with mom, I don't mind twice but I draw the line at 6 times, yikes..
She is on track for normal 6 month baby stuff; eats solids, reaches for toys, rolls to her belly, makes high pitched squeals and low growls.
I keep a tiny stuffed bear in her crib and everytime I lay her down for a nap or she wakes up she just plays and talks to that little bear.
She recently started pounding her chest, it's so funny she gets excited and pounds her chest with fists like a gorilla.
Two of my favorite things are the way her eyes light up and follow Daniel as he talks, she knows he's her Daddy.  The second is the relationship her and Ridge have, it's so special..

Jan 15, 2015

Walking with the kiddos

I took the kids to one of my favorite walking spots.  Ridge loved it, he saw two Great Blue Herrons, and lots of ducks.  And Lillian got some zzz's.


Our pets

These two are the best little buddies, and always seem to look a little guilty..

 kiki is a crazy climber, he's half way up this tree.

The rope swing

This fall Daniel hung a rope swing for Ridge, it instantly became more used and loved then the expensive swing set we put in last summer.  Ridge is pretty brave and funny with it, he has a few techniques; "the jump swing", "the dragging swing", and "the high swing"..
When he showed me the dragging swing I thought he said the dragon swing, but then he flopped on the ground and dragged himself with the swing. ha..