Apr 13, 2015

Utah Trip

Airplane Ride

I asked Ridge if he wanted me to tell him the exciting news now or not until it was closer, he said not until it's closer, then he said well tell me a little bit now..  I was excited as well so I told him all of it, that we were flying on an airplane to Utah to visit his cousins over spring break.  He was so happy, he's been wanting to fly on a plane for a long time.  Later that day he said mom are we going on the airplane now, I said no not for a long time, he cried and said I wasnt supposed to tell him everything until it was closer.  Luckily time goes fast, he loved everything about the airport and plane ride, and I loved that it only took 2 hours to get to Utah vs. 14 hours driving.

 We lucked out and sat by a sweet 8 year old girl traveling by herself, Ridge and her had fun playing together and Lillian was curious watching all the action.  I was grateful to have a nice safe trip.

our crust eater


Apr 5, 2015




Easter Party

little easter party, colored eggs, had a hunt, and did crafts.
 Lillian found the blue egg..

Mar 31, 2015

Easter Time

Easter is right around the corner and it's Ridge and my 3rd favorite holiday (or maybe tied for second).  Each year we go to Dan Cleveland's egg hunt which is held the Saturday before Easter.  We had so much fun, Ridge is a determined and thorough hunter.  We have lots still to look forward to; egg coloring, easter baskets, another egg hunt, and last but not least a special Easter Sunday with family to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.


 Ridge loves these egg balloon things
 silly bunny sucker