Feb 25, 2017

Our New Little Buddies

Captain, Red, and Roadrunner

Feb 17, 2017

Abstract/Macro Photography Fun

Tawnya and I did some macro/abstract photography practice.  It turned out to be super fun so we turned it into a game.  We took some pictures that just looked cool, and others for guessing.
Can you guess what all the images are of??

ANSWERS: straws, bunt cake pan, pencils, pencils, bubbles, slider door blinds, book bent, book and my thumb, top of lamp, eye shadow, dresser drawer knob, boot sole, rocking chair, caulk, dryer vent tube, roll of metal, staples, running water in kitchen sink, model car, baby toy, kid toy, bunk bed screw, candy, paper clip on mirror, blush brush, hair comb against bathroom window, bracelets on mirror, milk bubbles, cheese grater, bottom of pancake grill, microwave light, cd, paper clips, me!

Feb 14, 2017

Best winter

This has been a great winter, we've gotten multiple snowy days, with enough snow for snowman building and mild sledding.  Then the snow melts away before it causes any inconvenience or mess.

 (Ridge did this snowman all himself)

Growing Baby

Babies grow so fast I thought I'd better write down some things she does before she learns something new.

  • She loves to pick moss and bark off the firewood and eat it, so I barricade the wood stove and now the wood bin as well.
  • She loves the walker and grabs at anything she can reach (towels off the oven door) and wipes her sticky little fingers all over my cupboards. 
  • She squeals loudly.
  • She army crawls everywhere but always ends up stuck under things. 
  • She eats in the high chair now, (but that means Lillian sits by me on the bench and she's always snuggling up to me like a kitty while I'm trying to eat). 
  • She loves to watch her big brother and sister and laughs when they are silly. 
And she's already 7 months old..

looking up and looking down

I read an article on how to make your pictures go from boring to interesting, and one example was trying new angles when taking a picture.  So I experimented with looking up and looking down.  I didn't nail any great shots but it was an informative article non the less.