Mar 27, 2015

Nylon Bandits



Mud swimming

It was sunny and over 60 so the kids asked if they could fill up the pool, I said it wasn't warm enough yet.  So they dragged the pool down to the giant puddle and jumped into muddy water.  They had so much fun I let them go for it then sprayed them off. 


Mar 17, 2015

My Lucky Charm

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Little Lil' and even more fun with my new Photo Shop!




Miss Lillian is two days from being 8 months old, I'm a broken record when I say TIME GOES SO FAST!!  We have been loving every minute with our sweet Little Lil'.
She has figured out how to maneuver the walker, she walks to the end of the hall, does a U-turn and comes back, then does another turn and goes for another round.  She can get out of any corner but when it gets stuck on the rug she hollers for help.
She eats anything put in front of her, even Ridge's bread crust (he thinks he's being nice by saving it for her).  She likes colorful foods such as cooked carrots or green beans over bananas or pears, and loves all carbs..
She has four bottom teeth, two big top teeth and I'm sure she's working on more.
Not sure how much she weighs now but it's gotta be over 20lbs, she feels heavier now that she eats solids all day.
She laughes all the time for Ridge, she loves when he's silly around her. 
She's getting more into bath time, she like splashing in the water and chewing on the wet rags, and loves when she gets to bathe with Ridge.
If we're working outside I plop her in the stroller and she's happy as a clam watching the action around her.
The only trial I continually battle is her sensitive skin, her chin and neck are fine, but she gets blisters on the sides of her legs where they rub against the diaper, its so sad.
If theres a pile of toys or a cartoon on in the livingroom she'll sit happily all alone for a long time.  However she can roll and she kinda scoots so I won't have that freedom much longer but for now shes most happy sitting.
She's friendly to everyone and will let anyone hold her, but she saves her best snuggles for mom, her sweetest smiles for dad, and her cutest giggles for brother.


Mar 11, 2015

Hummingbird Friends

We love watching the hummingbirds, Ridge named the green/grey one Speed and the red/orange one Orangie.


Puppy Love

Mar 10, 2015

We have good times

Ridge wanted him and sisty to wear similar hats. 
Ridge and Jorja decided to brush their hair with soap water.
 She loves those drawer handles.

 Lillian got to hang with her cuz Gidian,
I missed the moment in the first picture where Gidian knocked Lilli over with his bum then sat on her as he tried to sit up.