Aug 28, 2015

Fort Party

Ridge was excited for his end of summer fort party.

He made each guest a rock person to take home

they all managed to fit in the pool, well almost but they had fun trying

Ridge's Fordham cousins came, the Bennett kids, his pale Jorja who I used to babysit, and his old friends Logan, Addy, and Angela from Diana's daycare. It was a good group of kids, they played in the fort, in the pool, on the swings, and did a scavenger hunt. 

The chickens sleep all in a pile, can you find all 12?

Aug 24, 2015


Piggy tails

If you give a baby a hose

Afternoon at Jorja's lake

Daniel tilled the garden and the kids loved playing in the soft fluffy dirt..

Ridge said he likes to call the chickens whatever he wants so we have a few new names, Big Red, Wierdy, Fasty, and this one is Sweat Pea.

I forgot to post pictures of our weekend in The Dalles

We played by the river waiting to see Bill, Connor, and Ian returnf from their fishing trip. 

whose the doggie?
Seth and Clayton's babies,
Clayton came up for the weekend to help my mom with buisness stuff
 Connor does not like babies
 Lilli playing with my cousin's toy invention
 pretending they're chipper in the morning

Aug 11, 2015

Photo shoot

I finally took Lillian's One year pictures and I went a little overboard...  Its so fun to take pictures and I really hope to get a good shot, so I tend to take way more then enough to choose from.  

 Ridge was excited to jump in as well..