Nov 5, 2015

Ridge almost 6 and Lillian almost 16 months..

I was practicing getting portrait style shots, with natural skin tones, in various lighting, 

Nov 1, 2015

Our Halloweens

We had lots of Halloween fun this year, it started the week before we went to Ridge' school carnival. He was a storm trooper.  All his little buddies were there and he had fun once he warmed up, Lillian warmed up once she was given a sucker.  The Monday before we went to my friend's Halloween party, he was Rocket from "Guardians of the Galaxy", Lillian and I were slugs.  The Wednesday before was our ward party, Ridge was Iron Man, Lillian was the duck again and I was a pink crayon, and my gingersnaps won second place.  The day before Ridge had a little party at school and dressed up like a cop.  That afternoon I took the kids trick or treating to my old offices, Ridge wore the costume he made out of boxes "box man" and we got loads of candy.  On Halloween Ridge went to our neighbor from church party as a ninja.  Then that evening we enjoyed staying home, eating candy, and watching a movie!

Oct 30, 2015

school picture

I was surprised how expensive school pictures were, so I asked Ridge if he wanted me to get any, he said no. Then they sent us a sampler and we gave in and ordered some. He was just too cute, and its his first year so why no..

Oct 29, 2015

Kid stuff

Ridge and Lillian

Lillian decided she was too big for her high chair so she got a booster seat and sits at the table during dinner with the rest of us.

Lillian loves playing with the boys especially her daddy.

Lillian loved my taco soup

Ridge has fun working out and loves doing pull ups.

Sometimes Ridge picks out one of my shirts to wear as a night gown, then he picks another out for me to wear that matches.  He lays it out on my bedroom floor so I'll see it when I go to bed.  He'll grow out of it soon but for now I'm loving it. 

Lillian totally loves books, she has a few favorites which are getting very worn out. 

Lillian has 4 more teeth that have broken through, explains the extended runny nose and fussiness.
Ridge made up a new word "shootamungus" It's comical whenever he uses it. 
Lillian has a little shopping cart that she pushes all around the house with her little diaper waddle. 

I am loving watching them play together and becoming the best little buddies.. 

misc cell phone pictures

Lillian's favorite seat in the kitchen

Ridge's first pit toilet experiance

Mr Yeddie getting festive

Morning face

Connor the fooball stud

Ridge love the "skeleton" mode

lillian and the chickens running amuck