Mar 17, 2018

Kids Updates

I used to love doing little milestone updates for my kids and I haven't in so long.  They grow crazy fast and I don't want to forget the cute, funny, and naughty things they do/did..

Ridge being the oldest knows how to talk, and doesn't throw food so their isn't as many milestone facts, but I don't want to forget his sweet little personality at the age of 8.
He enjoys playing alone in his room having battles with; legos, vs army guys, vs action figures, vs tiny animal figurines, etc..  He doesn't like anyone to be in the room watching the battles,, but he constantly is asking "who will win"  and he'll create a mini fight with anything from toys, to erasers, forks, hair clips, anything..
He loves to snuggle and have quality time.  If i'm cleaning during a movie he'll ask when i'm going to come sit by him.
He is the best gift giver, he makes notes, or cards, or gives his own personal trinkets.  and he gives them to me, Daniel, grandparents, friends, and visitors that he knows are special like Great Aunts.
He makes little books like "Taco Man vs Apple Man" and all the dialog is "pow, bang, aww" etc.
He has one best friend at school named Wyatt P, but he's nice to everyone and well liked.
I tease him by calling him "Grumpy Old Man" because he'll complain when his sister do little kid stuff like make a mess, or talk funny, or when Lillian announces she farted.  Instead of him laughing or joining in he acts like he's bugged and too mature for that behavior.
I can tell he tries to be a good kid, and is a little bit of a people pleaser like I am.  He tries to be like his dad and says he likes the same things, but I can tell we both play important roles in his life.

Lillian is our strong willed diva princess. 
She won't let me do anything with her hair, she wants its down and knows it's pretty. 
Daniel calls her his "big hair beauty".
She says, "No tank you" when I've given her a task to do.  Or she'll say "Maybe No."  But when she knows she doesn't have a choice she'll moan and say "Otay Mommy."
She just eats the frosting off deserts. 
She gets attached to people quickly like babysitters, friends, teachers, visitor and cries when she or they have to leave. 
Every time I turn on upbeat music she gets a frilly dress for her and Bailey to dance in. 
She loves the color pink, and hearts, and wants a Mini Mouse birthday. 
She is very good at coloring but if there is too much open space on the coloring page her hand gets tired.  She'll either say she's tired and needs a nap, or she gets frustrated and says she can't do it.  I've been printing out coloring pages of her choice off the internet and she always requests them to be printed out small and not full page. 
I can tell she is very smart so she expects things to be easy for her and when they are not she gets frustrated.
She likes to give Bailey piggy back rides, she says "get on my back Bay-yey" then Bailey puts her arms around her and they walked around linked together.
She is talking so much better but still has conversations that are hard to follow.  Some of her funny words are; "wee wee time?" instead of TV.  "a crab bit my winger" instead of finger.  "can I play with happys on your wone"  she likes to pick emoji's on my phone.  "I warted" instead of farted.  And "I worry Mommy"
When we talk about dogs she says she wants a small pink dog. 
She is not a people pleaser and wants to make her own decisions, and I'm proud of her for that.  

Bailey is a fun spunky kid and not my baby anymore.
She loves when Daniel tosses her around and plays rough. But she plays rough with other people as well and will slap faces or pull hair.
She throws her food at the dinner table, and doesn't back down with Daniel gives her the look.
She loves cats and dogs and probably any animal, and is naturally very gentle.  But I have caught her pulling the cats tail so she still has a devious side.
She loves to dance and totally enjoys when Lillian bring her dresses for their dance parties.
She likes being with the big kids, sitting at the counter and not in the high chair, drinking from a normal glass, using the big kid swing and not the baby swing, etc.
She says lots of words now like; mine, bye, night night, shoe.
She still sucks her two fingers and twirls her hair.  And unfortunately gets sick a lot from sucking all the germs off her fingers.
She's very playful and will make faces or pretend to be asleep.
She drank out of the bird bath so I had to empty it until she's old enough to know not to.
She'll get her shoes on and go play outside by herself and follow the cats around.
She doesn't have the big eyes and chubby cheeks like Lillian that caught peoples attention, but there is something about her that is bright and cheerful.

Mar 11, 2018

Reading Week

A couple weeks back Ridge had reading week at school, and one night was a family night at the school.  They did a good job at having little things for the kids to make like book marks, masks, and Pete the cat hats.  They also had the local animal control lady there with her Great Dane mascot.  Bailey loved this dog!  She didn't quite know how to approach him since he was over a head taller then her, so she just stood near him and followed him around all night.  Then when ever he was sitting she'd pet his back.  The owner thought Bailey was adorable and kept taking pictures of her, and referred to her as her dogs new friend. 

Two of the days at school were dress up days, one being dress as a pet day.  Ridge decided/remembered he wanted to dress up right before bed, so I had him brows pinterest to find an idea that will only take me 10 minutes to put together.  So we ended up with a Skunk.. I hope we never actually have a skunk as a pet. lol.. 

Mar 5, 2018

Sunny Saturday

Nothing better then a sunny Saturday after being cooped up from many months of winter! 

This is the face Lillian makes these days, it cracks me up!  She does it if she's been caught doing something naughty, or if I want her to do something and she doesn't want to but knows she has too, etc., etc..

Poor Bailey got wet and was frozen solid, so Ridge warmed her up then gave her his sweatshirt.

Feb 24, 2018

Daddy's little helper

Daniel got a load of dirt delivered to fill in our uneven front yard.  Lillian went and got a little shovel and was happy to help.  But when the shovel wasn't doing the job, she said "I have an idea" and ran off, then came back dragging the digger..  It was a cute and very proud moment. ha.

Photo Fun

My sister and I still do our photo challenges, it's nice to keep my camera dust free even in the winter months. 

Drastic Edit

Car head lights as backlighting

 Shallow depth of field.  But actually I was just really craving cupcakes.

Panning movement

HDR edit

Higher angle


after not getting any good architecture pictures I got ships instead.

Light painting

Mid Winter Break

Ridge had a long weekend off of school so we spent half of it in Castle Rock with my sister's family.  We checked out an old Grain Mill, the boys got to help turn the crank and see how it worked, they thought it was pretty neat.  And it was nice to get out and enjoy some pretty scenery.

 That night it snowed so Sunday church was canceled.  The kids got lots of play time and us adults got lots of lazy time.  It was a nice weekend.

(photos are a mixture of Tawnya's and mine)