Sep 19, 2016

The Rock Show

There is a rock show at the fair grounds in Castle Rock each year that Tawnya's family goes to, Ridge and I have been looking forward to going with them all year.  Ridge did a few extra chores and jobs to earn his own money to spend.  There was a wide variety of rocks and the kids had a blast looking at all of them.  There were two kid games where the kids could get lots of rocks for super cheap, and there were "rock fairies" a few guys walked around the gravel area and dropped rocks for the kids to find.  The kids loved it!

 looking through their treasures

Sep 7, 2016

First Day of First Grade

Ridge is now in first grade, he was not at all excited for school but he jumped right back into the swing of things and even rode the bus home. 

 Grandma Wolf had come to visit for the night and thank goodness she was there otherwise Ridge would have been late for his first day. 

Matching PJ's

Grandma Beck got the kiddos matching pj's and they were the cutest little monsters. 

Sep 1, 2016

Deer Park

Daniel and Ridge camped at Deer Park, they had a good time but didn't hike as long as planned since it was freezing..

Aug 28, 2016

A Sunflower for my Sunflower

We planted sunflowers for the first time and they finally bloomed.  They are such happy flowers..

Aug 25, 2016

Baby Pictures

Bailey is already a month and a half old, her little baby acne is finally clearing up, and I finally took a few pictures.  

Ridge & Baby

Lillian and Baby
(I was able to bribe Ridge but Lillian was too tired so only got a few)

Body Parts

As I adjust my settings I frequently get over or under exposed images.  And I have to admit sometimes I like the over exposed ones, I'd never frame them but they are either unique or kind of humorous..