Mar 23, 2017

Welcome Spring

We are ready and excited for spring! But hopefully spring will be dryer then winter was..

We got two more chicks for a total of 5.  There names have and will probably forever change but for now we have; Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Tweedy Bird, and Pigeon

Bailey loves the swing

Lillian is in a "silly picture" phase, she will not smile, she makes random faces and poses then wants to see the picture. 

 Ridge wont give me a smiley face either..

Daniel built us a little roof over our back porch to stay dry

Ridge likes to wait for Daniel to get off the bus in the evenings

 Kiki is our doorman, he can always be found snoozing on the front porch

Bailey likes to play with her hair but that makes for a mess during dinner time. 

Mar 17, 2017

Texas Baby

Flew to Texas with Bailey and Tawnya, we went to see Valorie and our newest nephew Jacob Diesel Williams.  Bailey got a cold before we left so it wasn't all smooth sailing but luckily she is still semi happy when she's sick.  We spent Friday and Saturday painting, decorating, and setting up her "Dr Seuss" nursery.  It was fun and nice to be able to help make it cute for them.
Sunday they blessed Jacob it was neat to be there for that.  Then we relaxed and flew home again.  It's going to be hard living so far from that little handsome boy.

Grandpa Cledus

"Team Auntie"

 I think these two snuggled so much just so I would take their picture. 

 Carson and Bailey were pales, he liked to lick her boogers.. 

Had to do a mini baby shoot. :)

Feb 25, 2017

Our New Little Buddies

Captain, Red, and Roadrunner

Feb 17, 2017

Abstract/Macro Photography Fun

Tawnya and I did some macro/abstract photography practice.  It turned out to be super fun so we turned it into a game.  We took some pictures that just looked cool, and others for guessing.
Can you guess what all the images are of??

ANSWERS: straws, bunt cake pan, pencils, pencils, bubbles, slider door blinds, book bent, book and my thumb, top of lamp, eye shadow, dresser drawer knob, boot sole, rocking chair, caulk, dryer vent tube, roll of metal, staples, running water in kitchen sink, model car, baby toy, kid toy, bunk bed screw, candy, paper clip on mirror, blush brush, hair comb against bathroom window, bracelets on mirror, milk bubbles, cheese grater, bottom of pancake grill, microwave light, cd, paper clips, me!