Apr 28, 2016


I made the kids stop and jump in the wagon for a quick picture while working outside tonight.  Wagons always just seem so photogenic.

Apr 16, 2016

Yurt Weekend

We camped at Grayland beach in a yurt on Friday with some of Daniel's family.  We played on the beach for a while with Lea and Joe and the kids Friday afternoon, then the rest of the clan arrived for dinner.  We had a great night and more fun at the beach on Saturday.  The kids were tough little suckers getting wet and dirty and having a blast.  
 Lots of holes and tunnels were dug, and Ridge even got to be a mermaid. 

Lillian had marshmallows for dinner since her Aunt Rachel is a sucker for little girls with chubby checks. 
 I forgot utensils so Daniel carved spoons for him and Ridge. 

The next morning Ridge and I snuck down early to the beach to check it out, so I of course made him be my little model.

 Lillian loved baby Walter and was frequently found by his side, she's going to be a great big sister.
More digging,, Garrett was dedicated to his giant fox hole

 Lillian and Anthony were darling!!!!  Steve had to carry them across a yucky patch of sand then go back to carry Titus so he told them to stay, they automatically held hands and waited patiently.

 Ridge and Spencer were chums and played together the whole time

 The kids braved the cold water
 Lillian the beach babe
 cat nap with Grandpa
 The Gang!  

Apr 13, 2016

Chic Little Lillian

I've seen pictures of Little girls wearing sunglasses and sunhat and thought they were cute and classy.  So while I was at my sisters house Lillian was playing with her glasses and I noticed that my sister had a gardening hat. I put it on Lillian thinking she'd take it right off but instead she sat perfectly still long enough for me to click a couple pictures, I'm pretty sure she new she was cute stuff..

Apr 7, 2016

Spring Break with the Burton's

Ridge had spring break this week so we spent a few days with my sister Tawnya's family.  The first day we took the kids to the bike park/trails to let them play while Tawnya and I practiced photography poses with each other, it was comical at times but good practice.  Wednesday we drove to Long Beach and went Claming!  It was a bit of a drive but the kids had a blast and we lucked out with decent weather and sun.  Lillian has not been to the beach since last summer but she new exactly what to do, the moment her toes touched the ground and I handed her a shovel she spent the next hour contently playing in the sand.  The boys had fun in the shallow surf digging holes and later burring themselves in the soft warm sand to warm up.  Then all of a sudden the wind changed and turned cool, the kids changed into warm clothes and bundled up and were ready to help Bill dig for clams. Ridge was excited and curious he'd never done it before and he had a great time, I asked what his favorite part was and he said "I liked when you pushed on the clam it peed."  Such a boy.  It didn't take long for everyone to get their limit then we packed up and headed out for pizza and ice cream.  The next day we just enjoyed a sunny day at their house playing with cousins and helping with spring chores and planting.  We also got to help clean the clams, then Bill fried some up for dinner, Ridge really wanted to know and see the whole process and try some before we left so I'm glad he had the chance, and surprisingly he really liked them and ate a whole bunch.  He wants me to make them for him again sometime but I said it will just be a special thing we do at their house.

 I'm still so grateful to live close enough to family for short little visits like this.

Lillian wanted to be in a few of the pictures, she even tried posing. 

 Lillian loved this bike rack, she played on it for a while going in and out but she kept getting her head stuck, however she never gave up.  And we of course just laughed and took pictures rather then helped her.

Long Beach!!


 Connor took Lillian for a troller ride, she came back with sand splashed on her face crying, guess it was a 4 wheeling ride.