Nov 23, 2014

Primary Program

My first born had his very first primary program, I was definitly more nervous then he was.  I wasn't sure how he would do in front of the whole congregation, but he said it was fun and didn't know why he should be nervous.  We were so proud of him, he had his whole part memorized, but he definitely needs to work on the songs.  He told Grandpa Beck that he didn't know any of the songs he was supposed to sing but he does know little bunny foo foo..
This was his part;
"When President James Faust was a child he had a bad dream and woke up crying. His Grandmother hugged him and told him they were safe because Jesus was watching over them."

And he picked his hair style..
Try to tune out Daniel's voice in the background I didn't know the camera would pick it up so well, I should have told him to quiet down but I didn't think Ridge would let me film his part if I made it a big deal.

The hair "patch"

I like to call this look the "rat tail" or the "chines man".. ha..

Nov 21, 2014

Matchy matchy..

Grandma Debbie got the kiddos matching PJ's a while back, Ridge was super excited he currently loves footy pajamas and ones that match his baby sisty are extra special. 
We had a sporatic photo shoot as I was putting him to bed it got pretty silly..


Catching a smile

If you want a baby to smile for the camera, put them infront of a mirror.. :}


Tummy Time

I have always been bad at making my kids do tummy time, they don't like it so I don't make them.  But Lillian has an ongoing moisture rash problem on her neck.  So I'm slowly trying to give her more tummy time in hopes it will air out her neck and allow it to heal.. Oh and tummy time is also good for the little gas bubbles in her belly, everytime I lay her down she toots, toots, toots like the little engine that could..

Nov 17, 2014

Family Photo Time


Not too bad for a 2 1/2 minute photo shoot in the freezing cold right before dust.. (Thanks Becky B.)