Jan 12, 2017


Bailey is already 6 months old! Before I know it Daniel and I will be empty nesters..  Luckily I don't have the panic feeling I thought I would knowing she was going to grow up fast.  I love watching her grow and I'm excited to see her personality develop.  However I'm not wishing her to grow any faster that's for sure.
Bailey has been a very good baby, she figured out how to roll at 4 months and she's been on her tummy ever since and has a very strong back.  I thought she would be crawling by now but she's content just watching the commotion around her.
She definitely demands attention when she wants to be heard, she has some high pitched squeals, squawks, and screams, which are kind of cute.  But for the most part she is calm and quiet.
She was interested in food at about 4 months but the Dr told me to hold off as long as possible so she'll stay focused on nursing.  But by five months she wasn't waiting any longer and now she loves to be at the dinner table eating anything I'll let her.
She is not the best sleeper but neither was Lillian so I was prepared.
She has some fun wild hair that looks like a toupee.
She is rolling all over, she'll be in one spot and when I turned back around she's across the room but I never actually saw her roll for a long while.
She likes to put blankets on her face, I panicked a little the first time I saw a blanket on her face with her legs kicking and her arms waving, then I saw her take it off and do it again (however I do make sure she doesn't have that kind of freedom for safety purposes).
She has cute little features, but gets a little teased by all of us for her face expressions.
She is a two finger sucker and sucks on them all the time, I have to hold her had down when I feed her otherwise they're in her mouth the moment I move the spoon.

I had fun doing a little six month baby shoot with her.  She was more interested in what I was doing, but I captured a few true cute Bailey faces.

Jan 10, 2017

Post Christmas Photo Fun

I wanted to try pictures of Bailey with a strand of Christmas lights but I didn't get around to it during the holidays, and I new she wouldn't be a baby by next Christmas so I took some lights back out of storage.  I was limited with Bailey since she can't sit up yet so I tried some with Lillian, she was a little ham.  Then I figured I needed a few of Ridge however his shots cost me 5 marshmallows. :)

Jan 6, 2017


Ridge turned 7!  

Dec 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

 Twas the night before Christmas and no one slept good..  Ridge woke up about 10:30pm all sweaty and said he had something to tell me then fell asleep before he said anymore, Bailey woke up about three times, Ridge woke up again at 3am saw that Santa had come and was all excited but we told him to go back to sleep, Lillian woke up about 3:30am and Ridge was still awake and said "Lillian Santa came, its Christmas!" I yelled no, don't tell her that, its still night time!! Bailey woke up again at 6am, then we all finally got up about 7ish..
We had a great morning, kids are so fun and make all things in life better.  Ridge was so excited, and helpful, and thankful, and Lillian hugged every gift she got and rubbed her head on it like a little puppy.  And Bailey just watched with her big eyes and tried to grab things.
We finished up, went to church, then had a nice relaxing afternoon.

Ridge still did not catch Santa in his trap but he did catch his hat which had gotten stuck.

 For a while all Ridge had on his list was Chickens, so Santa gave him a little Rooster and chicks.

Lillian got a fun drum

Ridge got a big surprise at the end, his very own BB gun was hidden behind the TV.

First matching dresses

That night we cleaned up everything and enjoyed watching the tree get torched.