May 28, 2015

After Party




The Funeral

“Day’s a wasting” my dad used to say.  Not one to sit idly, he lived a life full to the brim.  On July 24th, 1951 in Pontiac Michigan a baby boy was born to William and Carolyn Wolf.  They named him Paul Clayton Wolf.  He grew up in Southfield Michigan with 2 brothers and 4 sisters.  His shenanigans started early, at two years old he broke both his legs jumping out the second story window of their home. He was always active, he wrestled, played football, hockey, baseball, he waterskiied and was an amazing swimmer, and he was well known for his handstands.  He attended the Southfield Presbyterian Church where there was a cute girl named Sue Wolf in his youth group.  He asked her out for Friday the 13th,to a HS basketball game and was so afraid she would say no that he said she could bring her best friend.  No one knew they were dating for months because from then on it would be Sue and her best friend with Paul a few feet away. 
They we married on March 25th 1972 and have been married for 43 years.  They moved into married housing at Michigan State University where my dad pursued a degree in Civil Engineering.  During this time they had Tawnya, their first baby girl, and they also met a young couple from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who were very kind and befriended them.
After graduation, they moved out west with all their belongings in the back of a small pickup truck with a one year old, a cactus plant and a chicken in the front seat with the two of them.  They settled in Roseburg, Oregon in a small house at the top of a hill.  My dad outfitted a little red wagon with a seat for me, he would sit in the back and ride the wagon down the long steep driveway circling the hill, steering with the upturned handle .  At the bottom he braked with his shoes, in order to stop before the closed gate at the bottom.  While in Roseburg the missionaries sent from their college friends knocked on their door.  my Mom wouldn’t open the door to two strange men, but after talking to my dad, decided to see what they wanted.  Shortly after they joined the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. 
After only 2 years in Roseburg they moved to Newport, Washington where my Dad said, we joined this church, we need to go and be part of it.  SO my Mom with her long hair and mini skirts, and my Dad and his full beard started attending church.  my Mom got called at 22 to teach the 16-18 year old girls class, who knew much more about doctrine then she did, and my dad was called as the Sunday School president, deacons quorum advisor AND scout leader.  They started their service in the church and have been serving ever since.  My Dad has served as scout leader, elder’s quorum president, Sunday School president, high Priest group leader, YSA leader, high councilman, young mens’ president, Ward mission leader and his favorite calling was teaching the 7-8 year old children’s class.  He was a faithful hometeacher in every place he lived. 

Several job related moves followed every couple years:  Salem Oregon to North bend Oregon, Gooding Idaho, to La grande Oregon.  4 more children were born along the way, April, Clayton, Heather & Valorie.  After 7 years in La Grande my dad decided he could do better for himself and started his own business, Civil Construction Complany, choosing The Dalles as a fairly central location to do business from so he could see his family more often. They have been here for 24 years. 
My dad’s was a civil engineer professionally licensed in four states.  He excelled at what he did, he had a keen mind, was organized, worked hard, and delegated well,.  His specialty was building bridges, but he also built boat ramps and docks, water lines, sewer lines, retaining walls, did concrete work, excavating, and built houses.  He restored and updated the 6th street bridge here in The Dalles, put in the handicap ramps downtown, and built the pedestrian walking bridge to the natatorium. 
His personal life was much like his work life, busy and hard working.  He’d wake me up in the morning by ripping off all the blankets and say, “Daylights burning.” He sped through everything he did and expected everyone else to be right there with him.  What he was good at got done fast, what he wasn’t’ good at got done faster.  He wouldn’t dream of digging a hole with a shovel when he had a backhoe. He jumped into things and learned by trial and error.  He hunted on the run, fished like a madman,  and dreamt big. He was a good example, and a strong priesthood holder. He had a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and daily slowed down and took time to read and study his scriptures.
He had a bit heart and loved to serve.  He was the one who would stop and help people on the side of the road, he gave people jobs that needed work, he used his skills and talents to help his neighbors, his family, his friends.
He left us like he lived, in a hurry to get to heaven.  We grieve for hopes and dreams unrealized, plans undone, time unspent, but we have no regrets for his life or his death.  He died in an excavator accident, doing something he was skilled at, on the Klickitat property he loved.  He was making trails for his grandkids to enjoy his property.  He hit a soft spot and the excavator rolled. His death was quick and has been surrounded in miracles.  From the neighbor who saw the excavator roll and immediately called 911, to the visits and phone calls he had with so many people in the few days before his death.  We truly feel he had a chance to say goodbye before he was called home.  Where he is now, he doesn’t have to worry about the “day a wasting,” he can work and serve to his hearts content.  We will miss you dad, husband, son, brother, friend, hometeacher, and dear to all who knew him, but we are grateful for the peace that comes in knowing you are happy where you are.           (eulogy by Tawnya Wolf Burton)
The casket was made by Daniel and his dad it was beautiful and ver special
Wolf Kids




May 27, 2015

Time with Family

After my dad passed away I was able to spend a week in The Dalles with my mom and siblings helping get things in order and plan the funeral.  It was a bitter sweet time, we were sad for conditions which brought us together but I'm so blessed with a wonderful family and the knowledge of the gospel that I will see my dad again. 
 Ridge came up for the weekends and had a great time seeing the baby sheep, and catching many lizards, and playing with my sisters ferritt which him and Riley nick named "the sloth".

May 26, 2015

Words for my Dad

When I think of my dad I invision a rock wearing a party hat.  He was steadfast never waivering his beliefs, he was never swayed by the world and he never let us kids manipulate him to get our way.

He was always goofing around, he was frequently called a "turkey" by my mother.  He planned fun vacations for our family over the years, and he put caution to the wind when it was time to have fun.
I remmember a funny time while skiing he didn't want to wait for us kids to strap into our snowboards so he said "anyone who can keep up with me can ski with me", and he took off.  He went up and down the mountain many times without us until one run we found a ski hat, goggles, a pole here a ski there, then behind the hazzard tape my dad came crawling up saying "don't go that way". He was a bit reclase at times.

He wasn't the best at communicating but he never stopped talking to people, making visits, or doing missionary work.  We joke how in the moment some conversations could have been awkward but they always seemed to leave a lasting impressions.

He had no filter on who he'd be friend or hire.  There were days I'd come home from school and find a bearded biker guy in the shop or a super cute young kid, and I'd wished he'd given me a little warning.

He was a list maker, as kids I remember many chore lists, this last week we've found many lists of goals; spiritual, financial, marriage and family and personal.  He was always striving to improve and pushing the rest of us to improve as well.

I believe he will live on through us as we remember to; work hard, always find moments to have fun, never fear away from an adventure, make goals to reach the stars then work towards them, and to serve.  No matter how busy life is we must make time to serve!

My dad. He was so goofy, just look at this picture, I don't even think he had a fish on the hook! He had the best dry sense of humor, I totally got him. He was so logical, and he was a thinker, always creating goals and trying to improve aspects of his life. I always looked up to him and respected him. He worked so hard and so honest, and in the little time left over after working, he played harder! He cared so much, esp. for the underdog, he was always looking for someone that needed help, he touched so many people. As we reflect on the last month's, weeks, and days of his life we see how he took opportunities to make sure everyone that he loved was happy. And we all are. He had left my mom that morning with a boogery kiss that they had laughed about. He was working on a beautiful mountain side with an excavator making 4 wheeler trails for the grandkids, it appears that he hit a soft patch of dirt that gave way and his excavator rolled down the hill. His passing to heaven was what we think instantaneous. He didn't make it that night to his scheduled church visits on earth, but I'm sure he made the ones in heaven, he's was just that way.  I know he probably wasn't a perfect person, but to me he was a perfect dad and I love and cherish all my memories that I have. And from one of his favorite goofy movies (from a long time ago) I say "party on dude!" I love you daddie-o.
(From April Wolf Crosland)

The Earth is weeping today after loosing one of the greatest men who ever lived. On Wednesday an abrupt accident took my Dad to live with his father in heaven. For those who know Paul Wolf , knew he lived a life committed to God, his family, his friends and his outdoor adventures. Though a quiet man, he made positive lasting impressions on everyone he met. Though a short man, there wasn't a day I didn't look up to him. Though a rugged manly man, he had a gentle heart for all people. My dad was and is truly my hero. He lived a life not by his words but by his example. He was perfectly steadfast in all of his morals and never wavered. His entire life he never stopped serving people. I will miss him tremendously. My heart is heavy burdened and feels like it was physically torn open. It hurts not because I think I wont see him again, but because I was excited for creating many more memories with him in this life. Today I was able to see a few things that settled my heart and brought me peace. Firstly, I was able to see him just two months ago and get a picture with him. Second, the day before he passed I was able to have a deep, meaningful conversation with him which I was able to tell him I loved him. Third but not last, I have had an outpouring of love and support from family and so many friends. I and my family are grateful for so much love towards us and this great man, father, husband and friend.
(From Clayton Wolf)

Paul C. Wolf (My Dad)

July 24, 1951 - May 13, 2015

Paul C. Wolf passed away on Wednesday May 13, 2015 where a sudden accident took his life.  He was doing something he loved for those that he loved and on their property where he loved.  For those who new Paul know he lived a life committed to God, his family, his friends, and his many outdoor adventures.
After 43 years of committed marriage to his first and only sweetheart Sue Wolf, he went to live in heaven.  He will be cherished forever by his children; Tawnya and William Burton, April and Jason Crosland, Clayton Wolf, Heather and Daniel Beck, and Valorie and Scott Williams.  He is survived by his mother Emma Carolyn Wolf, 2 brothers and 4 sisters who will always love him.
He made positive lasting impressions on everyone he met.  He is leaving a legacy through his examples to serve the Lord, love your family, work hard, and play harder. It is amazing to know all of the people he was able to touch just days before his passing. 

His viewing was held on May 22, at 12pm and funeral service at 1pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.
(Obituary By Valorie Wolf Williams)