Jul 16, 2018

Camping-Family Outing

We camped a night up at Deer Park.  The first camping trip of the summer is always so fun, the kids are cute and excited, (they had a tent dance party), we eat bad camping food, we explore, and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle.
Then after a night with Bailey not going to sleep until 11pm, being cold, and having to go pee in the middle of the night I was glad to go home.

We enjoyed a Beautiful sunset!!

Lillian kept saying "it's going down, down, down"..

 The next day we went to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  We hadn't been since Ridge was little and got freaked out by the Buffalo, it was fun, the girls loved it, and Ridge wasn't' scared. 

Entering the elk section is like entering a car wash.. 
 The buffalo have the longest tongues!! 
 Lillian really wanted to feed the baby one

 Bailey hugged all the goats good bye

Jul 15, 2018

Double Birthday

My girls double birthday party!!  Bailey's birthday was the 11th and Lillian's birthday is the 20th but Lillian has been excited for her birthday since Christmas so I was thinking of celebrating her's first.  Then Lillian asked if they could have a double party, it was really cute and she was so excited.  Lillian didn't care for a big party all she wanted was a Minnie Mouse cake, and her few favorite people; Ian, Nani, and Avery.  Ian was already here so we invited Nani and her sisters and had a great time.
They were very excited about their Minnie chairs

 Bailey not aware of having to blow out candles.. 

 spanking machine
 This is Bailey's new thing; she tilts her head anytime I say "smile"

Daniel getting "pay backs" on the boys.