Jul 2, 2015

Zion's Camp

We've been having record heat and of course the day I take my sister and nephews to coon lake it was windy and barely hit 80 degrees.  However they loved it, there was so much to do with a rope swing, peddle boats, paddle board, kayak, row boat, slide, etc..  We played all day and came home worn out and pink checked.

this flip ended in a back flop, haha.. 


We have been thoroughly enjoying our garden.  Its our first year having one and so far we've gotten peas, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, potatoes, and garlic.  We had to throw away the radishes due to bugs.  We'll soon get carrots, tomatoes, corn, more potatoes, and beans, we hope. And pumpkins for Halloween.  We've also gotten lots of strawberries (I made my first freezer jam), and the blueberries are now ripening.  There is a sense of satisfaction being able to walk outside and have a healthy snack or cook half your dinner from stuff we grew.  Its also a good chore for kids and an easy way to get them to eat their veggies.   

Jun 26, 2015

Camping and family time

We decided to attempt a camping trip with the kiddos, the first night we stayed at my sisters house and helped with a few chores around her house and left Ranger.  The next day our plan was to drive up to Mt Rainier and camp at White River but that camp ground wasn't open for the summer yet so luckily we found a spot at one further away.  It still turned out to be a lot of fun, we had a site next to the river and there was a short water fall hike we went on.  We were all excited to be in the woods camping that we ever considered staying two nights, that was until the next morning, sleeping in a tent with a crawling baby is not easy.  I drove around that night until she fell asleep, then we woke up twice during the night and was curious of her surroundings so we all didn't sleep well.  The next day we drove up to Sunrise, (the opposite side of Mt Rainier where we have never been). We got up there pretty early so it was still chilly and the wind was blowing, we waited for it to warm up a bit then went on a short hike up to Frozen Lake, we wanted to make it a loop hike or go further but the wind was blowing and both kids were cold, so we kept it short.  Still very fun, Ridge got to hike through a couple snow patches, see a deer, lots of flowers, etc.  It was absolutely beautiful, we can't wait to go back when they kids are older. 
We left the mountain and headed for Anna and Mark's house, we hadn't seen there new house and they moved almost three years ago, so it was an overdue visit.  We had a great time playing with cousins and even got to enjoy the twins birthday.  After all the adventures we headed back to my sisters to pick up Ranger and the kids and I stayed a few extra days to help them move into their new house.  It was a fun week with family and adventures. 

 Ridge loved the yellow flowers


Ridge loves finding critters but it doesn't happen very often around our property, so when we found this little tree frog he was pretty excited..