Dec 5, 2016

It Snowed!!

It's amazing how a little amount of snow it takes to have a big amount of fun! and late start for school helps too..

 Bailey enjoyed it from the window.

Nov 30, 2016

It's the Holiday Season

We were discouraged at the increasing prices of christmas trees, so we chopped one down from our own back yard.  It's probably the ugliest tree we've ever had but it still brings in the same amount of Christmas cheer!


Fun times with the Beck family on Thanksgiving.  

 Bailey is not the most photogenic but she did love her Uncle Tyler..

 Checking out the Black Friday deals..

Daniel got a due rag from one of the games and Ridge wore it day and night, I'm pretty sure he's claimed it as his now. 

Hair Cutting

If any of my kids were to cut their own hair I knew it would be Lillian..  I moved the scissors from their original spot and try to have an idea of what she gets into.  However one day she was in my bathroom and I told her to get out, then later I found the nose hair trimmers in the toilet and a small amount of hair.  She had done a quick trim on her bangs and tried to hide the evidence.  Little stinker..

Nov 14, 2016

Fun in the Tub and with Reflections..

 (these were taken with a fish eye setting which makes them funny)

Weekend in The Dalles

We spent Vetrans weekend in The Dalles with my family.  Valorie and Scott flew in from Texas and we had a mini early Thanksgiving dinner together.  We also had a baby shower for Valorie since she'll be expecting her first baby (a boy) this January.  We had fun visiting, eating, shopping, doing baby stuff, and even squeezed in a few family pictures.