Aug 25, 2016

Baby Pictures

Bailey is already a month and a half old, her little baby acne is finally clearing up, and I finally took a few pictures.  
Ridge loves to try and play with her and Lillian loves to lay by her or hold her.  
She sleeps great during the day, then likes to be held in the evening, then is wide awake between 8-11pm.  Luckily that is changing and she is adjusting to our schedule.  
She is a fun addition to the family and though I don't wan't her to grow too fast I do look forward to each cute stage that is ahead. 

Ridge & Baby

Lillian and Baby
(I was able to bribe Ridge but Lillian was too tired so only got a few)

Body Parts

As I adjust my settings I frequently get over or under exposed images.  And I have to admit sometimes I like the over exposed ones, I'd never frame them but they are either unique or kind of humorous.. Don't know how to describe the one below, the dog is vivid and Bailey look she's vanishing into the backdrop.

Aug 22, 2016

Crowded Bed

My bed frequently gets filled up in the morning with these three little love bugs.  

Poor Forest does not get to join us.. 

Aug 9, 2016

Double Appointment

Bailey had her two week appointment and Lillian had her Two year appointment.  I unfortunately am a good example of the "three kids statistic",  Ridge has 3 baby photo albums and a baby book, Lillian has one baby photo album and an empty baby book, and Bailey has none.  I also kept track of all Ridge's statistics from each appointment, Lillian I occasionally wrote down her weight and height,  and Bailey I completely forgot to ask at her first appointment.  I also haven't done a baby photo shoot with her yet!
However I do hope to do better..  And I do know that at the girl's appointment they were both in the 90th percentile and some of Bailey's measurements were off the chart.  The Dr laughed at what healthy (large) girls I have.  I'm grateful for my healthy kids but I'm sure they won't be grateful if they are still off the charts in high school. 

Aug 7, 2016

kids love chickens

We visited The Dalles for a couple days with Tawnya's family and Clayton's family.  We helped clear out the shop and prep for a garage sale.  

My mom has a lot of chickens and chicks and the kids loved holding them. 

While we were there two new babies hatched.  

Clayt's girls were impressed at how well Lillian could catch a chicken all on her own. 

 Uncle Clayton met Forest and Bailey

 Ian found lots of baby lizards

Lillian played in the little pool with the dogs, then tried to drink the water, she's a crazy one.