Jan 31, 2016

Snowshoeing with the scouts at Hurrican Ridge

Growing Lillian

Lillian had her 18 month check up, I didn't write down any of her stats but she was about 28lbs and still top of the charts for height and head.  The Dr said whoa did she gain weight then said oh wait she's always been big.  The only thing she was behind on is her speech, she does not know the average 8-20 words, she knows about 4, but we're not worried she jabbers and can understand us pretty well.
This last week has been tough with her being sick the only cute thing she's done is snuggle.  But when she is well she is cute and feisty.
She'll occasionally climb onto Ridge's lap even thought she's half his size.
If Ridge is crying or in time-out she'll get face to face with him and or snuggle next to him to try and make him happy.  But if she is crying and he tries to snuggle him she' pushes him away.
If she doesn't get what she wants she tries to bite you.  And she knows when your trying to take something she wants so she'll run, hold tight, or scream at you.
She wrestles Ridge and sits on his face.
She loves beanie hats and will find one and wear it around the house.
I do not let kids use black permanent markers unfortunately she has found them twice and drew on the table.  She's also drawn on the couch and wall with a pen but luckily those washed off.  Each time was right under my nose I saw her coloring or playing good then the next moment the deed was done.
One night she was playing in her room so well by her self while I made dinner then after dinner I said go back to your room and play, she did and shut the door behind her.
She likes to explore outside but does not feel the need to stay close, if not watched she walks straight down the driveway to the road.
She loves books and will look at them herself or bring you one and help herself to your lap.
She also likes to stand on the book then jump off, or tear them apart occasionally.
Her first day of nursery went great but now she cries and does not want me to leave her.
She helps herself to any food she can reach in the kitchen but of course her favorite is fruit snacks.
She loves to dance to music in the living room, or in the car, or to her own clapping.
She loves her bikini and her little snuggy (a bunny blanket square) she is also one of those kids that likes rubbing the tags on a blanket which is part of the reason she loves her snuggy.
She already enjoys watching cartoons but wants to play with the remote so its hard to keep it on the cartoon channel.
She likes to help, and catches on to what your doing and will copy.
Due to her sensitive skin I have to let her air dry now and then without a diaper, so it may have happened once or twice where she's peed on the floor.  One of the times I saw her run to the kitchen grab a towel and run back to the hall to clean up the pee, gross but so cute too.
She'll go through a ton of napkins, wet wipes, or tissues blowing her nose on each one.
She likes to try and get her self dressed with any item of clothing including ridge's underwear.
She likes when I take out the trash because then she pushes the empty garbage can around the house.

Lillian sure keeps us on our toes but also makes us laugh and melts our hearts..

Jan 25, 2016

Winter Art Project

Here is another one of Daniel's winter projects.  I love when he gets in the mood to make something crafty because it always turns out amazing!


Jan 21, 2016

Winter Project

Daniel does a winter project each year during his Christmas closure at work.  This year was a new entertainment center.  It fills up our living room wall nicely and looks awesome.  Now we just need more books and fun collectibles to fill the shelves.

Jan 18, 2016


My mom visited us this weekend,  we enjoyed our Saturday relaxing and visiting, Sunday we did puzzles which was a lot of fun, then Monday was shopping..

Daniel had some play time with Lillian and this is how she came out of her room.


Jan 15, 2016

New Doll

Our neighbor came by with some special gifts for Lillian one was a doll that had been her mothers.    Lillian liked it but Ridge was the real appreciator of the gifts, he is enthusiastic no matter if its a girl toy or boy.  He was so funny playing with the new doll and Lillian's old doll that I had to take some pictures.

totally his idea, so funny.