Apr 18, 2017


The kids were sick on Easter but still enjoyed finding eggs and eating candy.. 

Tub of 3

Ridge and Lillian have been the bath buddies but now Ridge is getting booted, so Lillian and Bailey will be the new bath buddies.  I had to get them all together for one group photo. :)


We enjoy seeing Robins looking for worms outside the kitchen windows. 

Apr 16, 2017

Spring Break

The kids and I spent spring break with Tawnya and April's families.  We went to Seaside and stayed for two nights in a hotel.  The kids had a grand ol' time in the pool, at the beach, and drinking free hot chocolate.
We had scattered rain the first day but spent most the time running errands and buying food for the few days.  But we did get the kids wet and sandy before the day was done.
Thursday we hiked a mile down to a quiet beach next to Cannon Beach.   It was a long, slippery, muddy trail. Tanner was a hero, he walked with Lillian the whole way and carried her over every puddle and slippery spot.  We questioned Tawnya's decision to make the hike but the beach truly was amazing and we had it all to ourselves.  It had awesome rocks and cliffs and we got some sunshine!!
We didn't want to make the kids do the muddy hike back out so Bill, Jason, and I hiked back to the cars and drove over to Cannon Beach and everyone else walked along the beach.  It seemed like a good idea but they had to walk around a cliff that the waves came all the way up to, and it was a lot longer around then assumed.  They got a little more then just their feet wet but they all made it safely around.  Then their was an unexpected little river flowing into the ocean so the bigger boys had to carry all the younger kids across.   It was a good experience for all of them but not one they want to repeat.
We had a fun popcorn and movie night then the next day the storm came in! It surprisingly wasn't raining but the wind was blowing hard.  The kids got one last pool time then we checked out the aquarium which was small but a perfect end on a stormy day.  The octopus was impressive and the seals were very entertaining.
We spent one more night at Tawnya's all together then the fun was over.

Saturday we got up early and got to attend Naomi's baptism, then spend the day with Daniel's side of the family.  So it was truly a fun filled week of family!

Life Size

Ridge has been enjoying making and cutting small characters out of paper, then having them battle.  Then he decided to make and cute out life size Antman and Yellowjacket, they were pretty cool.