Jul 22, 2014

Bringing home baby but not the one you think..

While i was in the hospital with baby Lillian Daniel took Ridge to get a baby of his own. 

Teaching sister his favorite song


Ridge's favorite song is "little bunny fue fue" i've sang it so much he finally learned it and he decided to sing it to his sister..

Lilli meets big brother Ridge

Ridge was excited to finally meet his baby sister. he wanted to give her a hug and kiss, and he wanted to see if her eyes were blue like his or brown like mine.

he liked touching her head he said her hair was warm.

i might have to keep these two little cutie pies.

grandma & grandpa beck
great grandma beck

Lillian Jeanne Beck

Sunday morning around 6am I woke up feeling a little different then most mornings.  i brushed it off as having done too many chores the day before but the braxton hicks felt a little more like real contractions then fake ones.  Ridge woke up needing attention he had been showing signs of getting sick and sure enough ended up with diareah all morning. i woke up daniel asking for help with ridge and saying "things" might be happening, he bolted into action and later wondered why we weren't already headed to the hospital.  laboring ridge i progressed very slowly so i didnt want to get to the hospital sooner then needed and non of our bags were packed and the car seat was still stowed away.  after noon grandpa had come for ridge and rachel arrived ready to go with us to the hospital.  when we got there i found i was only diolated to a 2 which of course was discoraging but i was 70% efaced so they had me take a walk for about an hour to see if things would progress.  luckily they did but only about another 1 1/2 centameters it was enough to show i was truly in labor and didnt need to be sent home.  they suggested i walk more and they'd check in later, i never made it on another walk the contraction hurt and every few got worse and i started pukeing.  i threw up alot with ridge but i thought it was because of the plitocine but turns out thats just how my body reacts to pain.  my original goal was to deliver this baby naturally but after threwing up and having the pain get worse but making slow diolation progress i decided i already new what it was like to go natural but had never experianced and epidural so why not give it a try.  by the time they got the blood work done, got approval from the Dr, switched me to the delivery room, waited for the anastesialogist to arrive, got things set up, it was way longer then i wanted to wait for pain relief but i tried to think of fluffy kitties and hoped i'd get relief soon.  i've always been nervous of epidurals so i was determined to be so still he'd have no troubles at all, my only worry was puking so i just hoped he'd make it quick.  he definitly wasnt the quickest he explained the whole process to me as i sat in pain waiting, then half was through he said "hmm thats interesting", um you have a needle in my spine i hope thats was a good interesting and not bad..  once the juice kicked in (after three times having him turn it up) i felt good. tawnya and april had arrived and i was able to go from zoning out the world not wanting to be talked to or touched or breathed on, to enjoying the family company and support.  i continued to have regular contraction and make slow but steddy progress then about 10ish the drugs were slowly wearing off so i went back to feeling each contractioin in my stomach and back.  tawnya jumped in as my breathing coach which gave me something to focus on and keep my body relaxed, rachel was amazing with speed on getting me puke bags and wet rags, and april rubbed me feet and made sure the nurses didnt make me wait for "their convienance", and daniel sat by my side and i'm sure hoped it would all be over soon so i'd no longer be in pain. all were so sweet and such great support. The delivery dr was also amazing she coached me through the pushing so i wouldnt tear and was very maticulous with the whole process.  my water never fully broke so the bag was pooching out of me a little when it was time to push and i'm assuming broke during that time.  baby lillian was born with surprisingly little difficulty i could have pushed longer and harder. but sadly she was purple and blue and didnt make a sound.  the staff jumped into action clearing out her lungs and getting her upset.  she had a good heart beat but just didnt want to breath air on her own she had been happy in her water sack.  the baby dr was also worried about the little red spots/bruises on her body which was from low blood platelets so they sent in for blood tests etc.  i was a bit worried but mostly i was guiltily relishing in how great i felt, the pain was finally over, my belly was empty, and it was the best feeling ever.  i trusted the medical staff and i new both me and baby were going to be okay.  finally they announced that baby lilli was 9.7lbs, 21inches long, had some dark brown hair, and was born at 11:18pm.  they bundled her up and gave her to me and she was perfect, adorable little nose and mouth, chubby cheeks, hairy forhead, and the softest skin i ever felt.  they had to take her to the nursery to do more tests and double check everything to make sure she was ok. everyone soon tiredly went home and daniel and i got switched to another room and tried to get some sleep since it was about 3am, it had been a very long day and an amazing one.  our lives will never be the same..   
The next day the dr decided she still didnt have the spunk a new baby should have and they couldnt figure out why her platlets were low, in worry of infection she got put on antibiotics and planned to be closely monitored and stay for a full 48hrs.  we had a long 3 or so days in the hospital with little rest and lots of interuptions and a few worried moments from mommy and daddy.  but things are looking up, platelet count increased, she's eating good, getting fiestier, and is cuttier then a button!ge
getting my walk on.
great picture rachel got of the little birdie we saw in the court yard.
letting my boss know i wont be at work tomorrow.

is daniel excited or freaked out..

 not so fun.
helping someone puke now thats love, thanks rachel. 

feeling good and enjoying the company.
back to not so good.
here comes baby.
started out a little on the purple side.
now thats better nice and pink.
how did she fit in my tummy.

very proud parents.
greatful for a wonderful daddy and husband.
loving aunties
tired and oh so happy!

Belly shots

 Baby bumps, I didn't keep track of all the weeks but I think all are after 20 weeksish..

about 28 weeks (I think)

32 weeks

34 weeks
36 weeks
37 wks
38ish & happy she didn't come too early

It's Time..

Jul 14, 2014

Wolf Reunion

 Went to Astoria for the Wolf Pack reunion.  We camped at Fort Stevens State Park, it was a fun crazy weekend.  Friday we checked out the Fort, the kids liked playing in the bunkers and on the big guns.  Later some of us played at the beach we found a great spot with no people and burried all the kiddos.  Saturday we toured around and saw the Goonies house and climbed to the top of the Astoria Tower.  We were a little slow getting to the beach in the afternoon and the kids wanted to go to the beach with the rusty ship but it was crazy crowded so we didnt last long.  We tried to regroup at the lake but it was already almost dinner time so we didn't last long there either. We had a bunch of bikes at camp which were a huge hit and always in use.  I don't think anyone ever walked to the bathrooms we all rode, Ridge got lots of practice on his, bike and I even got to enjoy a few leisure rides, it was really fun.