Oct 9, 2017

Autumn time and Pumpkins!

We grew so many pumpkins in our garden this year so we put them all on our front porch.
And since it's been such great weather I took my camera out and had some fun with the kids and the pumpkins..

Oct 4, 2017


I know I am biased being his mother, but Ridge is a pretty cute kid.  He knows how to smile for pictures, and he never really went through an awkward stage, or at least not yet..

2nd Grade

Sep 21, 2017

Beck Kiddos

I took fall/school pictures of the kids, it was a little cold, a little wet, and a little late in the day but still caught a few smiles.  However catching smiles of the kids all together turned out to be impossible this time around, but the pictures are still comical. 

Photo Bommer