Sep 10, 2014

Man's best friend

Typically a dog is known as man's best friend, but in this case it's the best black cat a kid could have..

Aug 31, 2014

Pictures aren't easy..

Lillian is getting bigger and is so cute.  However trying to catch a babies sweet little looks on camera is kind of difficult.  I may not have captured a precious moment but there were some funny attempts..


 she looks like a Chow puppy

wardrobe malfunction..

Aug 27, 2014

Lillian Jeanne's Baby Blessing



I am a lucky girl to end each day with these two sweetie pies..

Gma and Gpa Wolf

My parents came a day early for Lillian's blessing.  I was very grateful for the extra hand in getting my house clean, and it was fun to visit. 
My mom and Lilli had fun getting to know each other better.


me and baby
Lillian meet Grandpa Wolf