Jul 30, 2015

Adventures with the Burtons

While Daniel was backpacking Ridge and I snuck off to visit cousins. We went blueberry picking the first day, now I have enough for lots of muffins and smoothies..

The next day we went to Mt St Helens learning center, it was so fun for us and the kids and free..

 Then it was off to Cold Water Lake, for fun in the water and sun!!

We really wished that lake was closer to our house, it was deep clear water, not too cold, and beautiful scenery. 

Jul 21, 2015

Bringing home the baby chicks

We got to bring home the baby chicks that were hatched at Grandpa Camp.  We planned to get chickens next summer so we already had the coop, it just took a little re-arranging to get ready for the chicks.  Ridge was super excited and he checks on them first thing when he wakes up, throughout the day and last thing before bed.  Lillian loves them too but isn't as gentle.  We've named them all but tend to get confused on who is who.  There are two that look almost the same so Ridge named them Katie and Nicole after his twin cousins.  There is also Wolverine, Doughnut, Pecky, Rubber Ducky, Oreo, Spots, Dotted head, Blacky, Tickle torcher, Twin Head, and I think Jumpy. 

We got a ton of apples from Daniel's parents tree. Instead of picking them he climbed up and shook the branches, Ridge said it was raining apples and thought it was funny that he got bonked by one.  I was very busy after that making apple sauce which will be wonderful to have stored up for winter. 

I'm ONE!

Lillian turned one!  She has grown up so much and so fast..
  she loves to crawl under things, after dinner she crawled under the stools, the table benches, and tried to make it under the chair but got stuck.
she has been walking more and more!
Ridge loves a party and his sister, he decorated, helped with the cake, helped light the candle, and helped her open the gifts. 

She loved the cake but wasn't too messy, just took small bites with her fingers, no bath needed.

Our neighbors came for dinner and the party, they've known Lillian since she was born and just love her.  They brought her some fun little gifts and fun confetti.

Ridge gave her an apple and a glitter wand.
We got her a little phone like the ones from when we were kids,

She got a baby doll from Grandma Beck and was very excited about it, her face was priceless.

We adore our little Lillian,, 
She weighs 24.1 lbs, (94%)
31 inches tall (96%)
head is 19 inches (99%)
 and has 12 teeth, 
She walks but isn't walking all the time yet,
Her eye's started out a dark grey blue but have turned more a hazel and might end up brown, not sure,
She already only takes one nap a day which is a bummer,
She has various screams to communicate, a 'give that back' scream when Ridge tries to take something from her, a happy scream when playing, an excited airy scream when she see's the cat or baby chicks, a yell when she wants out of her crib, and mad scream when she's mad.. But she does luckily make other noises one is "ma ma ma ma" which is my favorite. 
Whenever I wash her hands in the sink she leans down and drinks from the faucet. 
She loves to touch my eyelashes and stick her finger up my nose when I'm nursing her. 
She is friendly to other but is recently getting an hint of shyness and will hide her face when strangers talk to her. 
She loves food especially noodles and bread just like Ridge, but she does eat her fruits and vegetables very well.  However I have her summer squash from our garden, she put a piece in her mouth then took it back out and smashed it.  I'm thinking she doesn't like squash. 
She sneaks into Ridge's room and plays with his toys which for a while was fine and kept her occupied however now she knows how to open his Lego box.
Her hair is long enough for a tiny pony tail on top which I've always thought were so cute, I sure hope she lets me do pig tails and braids as she gets older. 
The year has past by faster then I expected and I know it wont slow down so I'm grateful for every moment I have with my two sweet kiddos and their wonderful Dad.