Apr 16, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs

Ridge and I tried a new egg coloring technique.  Its called Majestic or something, you put the color in a baggie with the egg and rub it around.  It was really easy, relatively mess free, and the eggs were pretty.  Ridge waited patiently and anxiously from the time I started cooking the eggs to the time they were cooled and ready to color.  If they all get eaten before Easter we just might do it again.

Ongoing Projects

I didn't get pictures before Daniel cut some tree's down but here is a "before" picture of our swing set and garden area.  
 (garden spot)
 (swing set area)
(tall ant infested treee we had cut down)

(another scary tree that is now gone)
And AFTER! (we hired a guy to cut the scary trees and clear the land with his tractor, it saved us about 3 months of manual labor)
(swingset area)
 (garden area)
These are just "after the tree's and brush were cleared" pictures, it will still be a while until we have the finished product pictures with an actual swing set and garden.
Now Daniel has already started a rock wall along the edge for where the blueberry plants will be.

Ridge has been enjoying working outside with us.  He has his own axe and loves chopping logs, stumps, ferns, and anything in his path. On drives home he'll say "mom this is the plan; we are going to get home, work outside, then have dinner." He takes after his Daddy.
Daniel originally built this shed for the dog but has now made it larger and turned it into our wood shed, and has it filled!
This is our orchard area that was a jungle of alder trees.  We now have 8 fruit trees planted along the hill side and we hope someday it will be a grassy hill with nice large fruit trees.

I am so excited for all we(Daniel) has accomplished in the 4 month we have lived here, and I can't wait to see all the projects we'll get done by the end of the summer.

Egg Hunt

Dan Cleveland puts on an annual PUD#3 egg hunt the week before Easter for family and friends.  We've gone many years now and it never gets old.  We/I love it!  Ridge was very excited too this year and he remembered there are hidden golden eggs and prizes for those who find them.  I happened to stumble upon one of the golden eggs so I stood still and told Ridge to keep looking, he finally found it and was so excited.  He got a dragon kite and thought it was the coolest ever.  He bragged the rest of the day and next about how he got the surprise and if I was proud of him.  I told him it was just for fun and it doesn't matter who finds the golden egg.  Now he says I'm glad I found the golden egg but I would have had just as much fun if I didn't.  He's a good kid.



As kids we used to make "nests" with blankets to sleep in.  So when my dad stayed the night and slept in Ridge's room, I made him a nest in our room.  He was very excited..

Mar 25, 2014


We found out we are having a GIRL!  And she was a wiggler, going to keep us all on our toes.

I am so excited to start buying cute little girl things and to decorate her room with daisy's and ladybugs.. :)

Mar 21, 2014

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl??

21 weeks and get to find out the gender of the baby today!  I am very anxious..  If its a girl I have all kinds of plans for the nursery and a list of cute names.  If its a boy sadly I have one name and no nursery ideas but Ridge would have a little Star Wars/Ninja Turtle playmate.  We are excited either way but dying to know!
Ridge's current baby name list:
Boy: Raphael or Butterfly
Girl: Donatello or Butterfly