May 22, 2016

Family Photos

We finally got our family pictures taken..  I new my family only had about 10 minutes in them so my sister was quick and got a hand full a great pictures.  Now hopefully it doesn't take another 18 months to get our next pictures taken!

May 20, 2016

sunshine and flowers

I was fiddling with taking pictures during the "golden hour" (an hour or so before sunset) and Lillian was my little model.

May 13, 2016

One Year

My dear old dad passed away one year ago today.  I new it would probably get harder before it got easier and it has.  For a while I didn't like thinking about him because it just made me sad, and even though it still does I have started trying to think more about when he is still with me.  He was very good at being involved with things that interested him, so I'm sure he's not hanging around when I'm crocheting a blanket or shopping, but I can sometime feel his comfort in church, when working or playing with family. I also like to think that he is spending time with our sweet little baby girl before she comes down and joins our family.
So hears to you Pop's, I know your still with us and I hope to make you proud with the choices I've made and my goals to improve.  And I'll enjoy a big scoop of ice cream tonight just for you..

Small Happenings

Cousins; we spent a day at Daniel's parents house when Leah's family was there, the ladies and I made strawberry rhubarb jam, the men chainsawed and helped Steve get the tree fort started, and the kids had fun playing all day.

Mother's Day; another good Mother's Day has come and gone, Daniel and Ridge bought me flowers for my pots and planted them.  Ridge made and painted a bird house for me in school.  And on Sunday morning Ridge came in my room all dressed and ready for church all on his own without having to be told, and Lillian slept in until 9:30! Two wonderful gifts.  Then we enjoyed a breakfast of poached eggs, and chocolates.. 

#3; I'm 31 weeks now, getting excited to not be pregnant but not quit ready to have a new born to care for.  Most the time I feel good but it's been a very hot spring which sucks my limited energy, I frequently can't breath, and no clothes are comfortable.  But since this is my last pregnancy I'm enjoying the special moments when she kicks and rolls in my tummy, and sharing that with the kids. 

Lillian; (aka; Bear, Monster, Rascall), she is getting quit the personality, she does not like her car seat because she wants to sit like a big kid in the back or in ridge's seat.  So when we get home from anywhere she sits in the back and buckles up and give me a look that says "just try to make me move".  So I just leave the door open and go about my business till she gets tired and comes in.  
 She also loves the chickens, she'll put her boots on go out side straight to the chicken coup, pick up and release poor Katie a dozen times, then let them all out into the garden so Ridge and I have to run around gathering them up again.

Ridge; he pulled out his own tooth!  His top tooth had been loose for many weeks but it was never quit ready to come out, then before church he was in the bathroom I thought getting ready but he came out looking like this first picture with his tooth sideways and dangling, he'd been trying to twist it, so then he just pulled it the rest of the way and was very proud he did it all himself.  I was worried he'd look ridiculous with one missing front tooth, but kids only have a toothless smile once so I love it and wouldn't want to miss any of his little silly looking stages.

May 5, 2016

Dirt Work

We (Daniel) is always thinking up ways to improve our property.  One idea was to get some dirt work done to make an area to the side of our house more level and open.  There is a father and son down our road who do odd jobs for people in the neighborhood and they said they could do it within our budget so they started the next week.  The kids and I had fun watching them work and watching the land transform.  Now we have a nice open area for Daniel to build a barn(tool shed),  we might get hay bails for an archery range, we hope to grow a little grass and not just weeds, and maybe play some bad-mitten?! :)

The Before; there was already a small open section so we just made it larger, more level, dug up some stumps and made a rock retaining wall along the base of the orchard.


Basically Done: Now its up to us to clean up and make it pretty. 

 they also made a little access road for us