Jul 17, 2016

Buckets, Boxes, and Baskets

Lillian loves to sit in buckets, boxes, baskets, and occasional cages.  Not sure what is so exciting about them but it pretty cute and funny.. 

Jul 12, 2016

Bailey Debra Beck

Bailey's official due date was July 15th, both my other kids were born early so I assumed she would too.  About two weeks before the due date my braxton hicks were getting more frequent, lower, and sometimes more painful.  However I also started feeling better, I wasn't as tired all the time, or achy, and I was sleeping pretty good at night.  We had a few things on our calendar I wanted to happen and be a part of before the baby came so I wasn't getting too antsy yet.  I was hoping for a due date of 7/11 since its an easy date to remember, and we can make a tradition to get slushies from a 7/11 on her birthday every year.  
Sunday night I went to bed knowing the baby could come that night or in 5 days but I was feeling fine so I assumed I was still a day or two away.  I woke up a little after midnight and barely made it to the bathroom before my water broke.  I did not want a night time baby but the contractions started immediately after so I knew it was happening.  I texted my mom, she was still awake and already packed.  My sister Tawnya and her family had just gotten back from a week in Yellowstone and were staying at my moms house, I really wanted both of them to be there for the birth so it worked out that she was home and that they were already together but not that it was the middle of the night and they had to drive 3.5 hours from The Dalles.  But they were troopers and headed out right away. 
I woke Daniel and he called his parents while I packed the bags (I'm never fully ready)..  
His dad arrived and slept at our house so the kids could stay in bed which was so nice.  Daniel and I got to the hospital about 2am, and as we walked in I started to loose more water and dripped all across the room as I ran for the bathroom, it was embarrassing and hilarious. 
They put me in a temp room too see how far along I was and get some blood work done so they could order the epidural.  It took 4 tries and 2 nurses to get the iv in my arm all the while saying how amazing my veins were.  It distracted me from my contractions but my arms were pretty sore later. 
When I arrived I was dilated to a 3 which was excited for me since it took hours to get that far with my other two, but after the epidural I had only progressed to a 4.  I texted my mom about 4:30 saying I was progressing slowly and it might be a while, so my sister stayed in the car to sleep when they arrived and Daniel went to rest in the van.  My mom and I were visiting and after a while the pain increased, I pushed my boost button then waited 15 mins and the pain got worse, I didnt want to push too many times so I called the nurse and said its really starting to hurt.  She was going to call to get my epidural check but first she checked my progress and I was fully dilated and ready to push.  My mom called my sister and Daniel that it was time, but my sister was locked in the car due to the child lock and the car alarm was going off, so my mom frantically ran out there to get her dropping items from her purse while she searched for her keys and telling people that her daughter was locked in the car and her daughter was having a baby, so they probably thought she left her toddler in the car alone, or that her daughter in the car was having a baby..  They all made it back to the room and by 5:43 baby Bailey entered the world!  She was 9.8 lbs, 21.6 inches long, dark hair, and perfect..  My other two kids needed immediate attention so they were taken right after birth but this time they laid Bailey on me and left her there as long as I wanted, it was awesome.  
Later that morning Daniel came back with the kids and they were so sweet and excited to meet their sister.  Lillian kept saying baby, baby, baby, and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.   Ridge got to go with the nurse and watch Bailey get her first bath and he got to pick out a special quilt for us to take home, he picked the purple one since he new it's my favorite color, it's beautiful and meant a lot to me having him be a part of it. 
At first glance we all think Bailey looked just like Lillian, they have similar eyes and nose structure.  But Bailey's cheeks are not as big as Lillian's and her face is more heart shaped then round.  It will be fun to see how she grows and changes. 
I would have a dozen sweet little new borns if I could, I love letting her sleep on me and watching her make little faces.  It's so sad knowing how fast she will grow but I know every stage is precious so I look forward to it as well. 
Welcome to our Family Baby Bailey.. XOXO 

She has the sweetest heart shaped birth mark on her left for arm, it might fade and go away but I love it and hope it stays. 

Lillian got a small rash Saturday night after Grandpa camp, I gave her a bath and put her to bed.  Sunday morning it was worse so I called the Dr and they eliminated worse case scenario and said to give her benadryl.  That afternoon it was way worse and had spread to her face so I took her to the ER.  They just said it was probably and allergic reaction and they gave her more benadryl and prescribed her a steroid.  That night/next morning we were back at the hospital having Bailey.  Daniel brought the kids to the hospital later that day and the rash was still all over her face and we were still worried about her.  Daniel took her to the pediatrician and got second confirmation that it wasn't viral and should heal in a few days.  Daniel did an awesome job at giving her medicine regularly, giving her a bath, and taking good care of her, it was really sweet.  The rash continued to spread but eventually healed up and she is fine.  We think it might have been due to all the candy and koolaid she ate which contains a lot of red dye.  So for now we're watching junk food intake and hoping it doesn't happen again. 

Grandpa Camp 2016

guys night