Feb 15, 2013

Weekend with Valorie

Valorie flew down for the weekend for an early birthday present and just to visit.  I picked her up from the airport Thursday night, Friday we stopped by Tawnya's house for a while, then continued on to The Dalles for the weekend to hang with the parents.  Friday night Tawnya came down with Ian and Riley for the night. We always stay up too late but have a great time spending time together.
ha, sorry about the picture Val but I didn't want to post the one of me making that face.. ;) 
 Ridge gets very excited to visit Buffy
Saturday we all went on a hike/rock scramble up near Horse theif lake.  It was the coolest place I kept wishing I'd known about it in high school I would have gone ther a bunch over the years.  I love to rock climb/scramble and this was the perfect place for all ages.
Cute cousins and Dog all ready to go on an adventure
Last time we were at my parents house Ridge found this fuzzy hat of my moms and wore it around.  So this time we were there and getting ready to go hiking he asked where Grandmas warm hat was becaue he wanted to wear it again.  We all laughed at him becaue he looked so cute but he was just trying to be practical and keep his head warm.
We were trying to get a girl shot so I was trying to hide Ridge, however he still managed to peak through. :) 
 My dad has had braces for over four years but the day after we left he got them removed, I wont recognize him next time I see him.

It was really windy!
Pops snuggling with his baby Tikka
I laugh at this picture, don't know if I'm helping Ridge or giving him a spank..

this place was so much fun!



hiding from the wind


I left Valorie and my mom alone with my Kid and my camera, this is what I got. lol.. 
Tawnya is a good dog owner she carried his poop around the whole time. eew..


This is what happens when you try and run from Aunt Valorie..
Sunday night we had a birthday party for Valorie who turns 27 February 21, wow she is getting old!!

I made her two ferrets Thunder and Lightening little sweaters
Dad gave her this authentic leather jacket that he has had for years and was made from the hide of a deer he shot. priceless.. 
yum chocolate pudding cake
two cuties

being forced to get a picture with mom, ugh.. 
 Monday we went Horse back riding at the Kent's house. They have a pony so ride got a little ride around their property, the pony was absolutely adorable and Ridge had a great time!
(patiently waiting)
 We could tell the pony was used to kids and apparently also used to crazy adults posing for pictures on him. :)
Jerry Kent, my Dad, Valorie and Me ready to ride.. 
My dads two horses Rusty and Pumpkin, they got an extra work out so they were a little sweaty.
I like horse but am far from a cowgirl so I was a little nervous. I have gone on 3 long rides and fallen off twice.. Luckily I got to ride Lady, a very nice calm horse who knows her way around so no falling off this time.  We had a fantastic ride up and around the hills and through farm lands it was beautiful and even relaxing but I was definitely sore and even bruised..

Grandpa gave Ridge this cool hat since its is favorite color.  Ridge was very proud and wore it all the way home.
Yes we take a ridiculous amount of pictures but when you don't get to see family very often you want to capture every moment, and we just like taking pictures.. :)

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