Aug 28, 2013

1018 Wyandotte Ave

We moved into this house 8/30/2007 and moved out 8/23/2013.  It was Daniel and my first house and where we lived when we had Ridge.  When we bought it it wasn't too impressive but with Daniel's skills and lots of hard work we made it a cute home that we loved.  If only we loved the location, and had more property we may have stayed longer.. Unfortunately bought at the wrong time and sold at the wrong time so our house was not an investment, but we were lucky to sell.  I will miss that house and cherish the many memories, we had some great neighbors and great friends close by.  But now we are onto new adventures and a new home..

Sleeping in the living room on our last night 

It finally felt official when looking at an empty house
Pulling out of our driveway for the last time..

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Steve Bennett said...

I loved your little house. You guys should be proud of how great you made it look! On to new adventures. We'll be here to help you make new memories in your new home!! Good luck, friends! Becky : )