Sep 9, 2013


We/Ridge has been wanting an orange kitten for long time. So before our Wyandotte house sold we told him he gets a cat when we move into the new house.  At that time we were hoping to get the Rauschert Rd house, so when we backed out of that sale Ridge's main concern was not getting his kitty, he was so sad..  But the other day my friend told me her cat had kittens and Ridge could have one.  The 3 that are not spoken for are cream not orange but Ridge of course didn't mind he wanted all of them.  We haven't moved into our own house yet but we're hoping once the kitties are ready to leave there mama we will be too..

These are the two he picked, he named them Hyper and Rascally but I'm sure he'll forget and they will get new names. 

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