Jan 9, 2014

Sweet Baby #2

We are expecting our second child this summer, I am beyond excited!  The due date is July 30th and I'm just about 3 months along.  I am feeling great now but week 4-10 I had continual nausea (never threw up), I had to eat minimum of every 2 hours, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  But I guess having symptoms just makes if feel more real. 
Daniel worries about finances but has been supportive and is also excited to have another little buddy.  Ridge has been very cute, he says if its a girl she can be the purple ninja turtle, but then he says that "she is going to be a boy".  He also said if the baby cries he'll crawl in bed with it and snuggle, I asked how he new mommy was having a baby and he said "because I wanted one."  Later I found out Daniel had explained it to him.  He is going to be a very sweet big brother. 
Even though I've wanted a baby for a while I think now is a perfect time for our family, Ridge is independent and a good helper, and we've moved into our new home where we want to stay and raise our family. 
Last night I showed Ridge a picture of what a baby looks like in the first trimester and he said "an octopus.?"  It was pretty comical and he wasn't far off. 


Erin P. said...

Congratulations, what an adventure!

Jen said...

Hooray! So excited for you! Steve had told Trev that there were more babies on the way, and I wondered if it was you... ;)

Marianne Thayne said...

Wow, cool picture. Congratulations and I hope I get to see your new place when I come out in March.