Jul 3, 2014

Grandpa Camp Day 1

It's Grandpa Camp time again.  This years theme was Roughing It. The kids got to pick a site for their tent, prep it, pitch the tent, make a camp site flag, have an on going camp fire, then sleep in the tents.  Friday morning they all had fun reuniting and getting right to work.  Once their camp sites were designated the got to check it by getting measured, weighed, signed their name, and get a shirt.
There were lots of fun activities planned some as a big group and some in small groups.  Daniel had prepped and stocked the pond with fish for fishing but the fish were a little skittish and not super hungry.  So they found it was more effective to drop the line in the water and come back later rather then wait for an hour to get a bite. When a fish was caught it was pretty exciting.
We also had the traditional candy jars, I'm really bad at guessing the amounts so I may have put in a few extra guesses for baby Lilli, and Ranger.
Next everyone was put into teams/families for an extreme obstacle course/race.  Each team had to toss a ball into a bucket, then cut down alder trees to make a gurney to carry a team member from point A to point B, then cross the pickleball court on only 3 squares of card board, then take the gurney and cut down more trees to make a 6 foot tower to hold a team member on top.  It was a close race and everyone did great and enjoyed it.  I enjoyed being the photographer but even without me Daniel won by a hair.  After that the kids had stations and activities including archery, zip line, soap carving, fire starting, craft, swimming, and more fishing.  Soon it was time to get the dutch ovens ready for the oh so loved dutch oven dinners, and talent show up at Great Grandmas.
The meals this year included, meat and potatoes by Steve, bread by Hector, mexican meat loaf and corn bread by Daniel, chicken and shrimp jambalaya by Tyler, mac n' cheese by Mark, pizza by Uncle Brent, apple cobbler by Becky and Steve, and my favorite Chocolate Pudding Volcano Cake by Leah.  It was a true Feast! 
For the talent show Leah's family kicked it off with an adorable rendition of cinderella, Anna's family showed their mad hula hoop skills, Ridge and Daniel had a cute wood chopping/nail hammering routine to "All you single ladies" song, Lily Bennett showed her art, Adele and Tyler sang a song from Frozen (Adele stole the show!), Garrett did magic tricks, Spencer showed his origami, Sienna sang, and Jim Bennett wrapped it all up with the best Grandpa camp poem!
It was a fun filled day and all the kids got to sleep in their tents and anticipate the next days events. 










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Marianne Thayne said...

Love seeing all the pictures! My favorites are the fishing pole one and the one with kids hanging off Daniel. It looks like so much fun!