Sep 10, 2017

Grandma Wolf

My Grandma (Emma Carolyn Wolf) passed away August 8, 2017.  She was born October 4, 1923 and was almost 94.  She was a very special Grandma who made everyone feel important.  We all thought/hoped she'd live forever since she was always spunky and game for a good time.  But now she is with her husband my Grandpa Wolf who passed away over 30 years ago, and with her son my dad, as well as many of her siblings and other family.  I bet they are having a joyous reunion.

Her memorial service was held September 2 in Michigan.  I was able to go and see all my relative, as well as all my siblings, and my mom who is serving a mission in Missouri.   We had such a good time all together and got no sleep..  I have an awesome family..

The Wolf Pack

My Grandma had seven children, Aunt DiAnn, Uncle Billy, Aunt Mary, my Dad, Aunt Vicki, Aunt Lynette, and Uncle Robbie.

 Aunt DiAnn's Family

Uncle Billy's Family

Aunt Mary's Family

My Dad's Family

Aunt Vicki's Family

Aunt Lynette's Family

Uncle Robbie's Family

and we have a whole bunch of cool cousins.

We love to play baseball when we're all together. 

And take pictures.. 

 Hopefully we don't have to wait for another funeral to get together again..  

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